Nov 17, 2007 Marks My One Year Victory!

Today is Nov 17th, 2007. Last year this day, Mom and I packed our suitcases, said good bye to the wonderful staff at the proton center of MGH and the beautiful Boston. My tubie was removed the day before. We finished the treatment. We flew home. It is an anniversary for me and my family. we are one year out of treatment, and one big step forward to that bright future we once again look forward to.  

Though it is not really clear to me what has happened to me exactly in the past year, sometimes there are things just make me wonder ….

Something felt funny at the back of my head. I asked mom what it was, she said “Emm… let me see”. But it took her too long to answer, so I just told her what I thought it was. “It is a bug bite!”. “oh!”, She responded. I must be right. So I went on playing.

There is a scar on my cheek, I asked her why. She said: “Well, sometimes, accidents happen and will  leave a scar”. I am okay with that answer. I see my sister has a scar on her eye lid, she fell in the summer camp. What I don’t know is, the scar is a result of the 8 hour pressure put on my face during the surgery. It is there. That I know. Sometimes, people I draw have scars too.

Daddy with 2 Scars on the face. By Alexia. Nov 15, 2007

I found a book on our book shelf with a little girl and her teddy bear each has a tube in their chests. I looked at it for a long time. “Just like Alexia”. I told mom and my sister. I remember that tube, and there is still a scar on my chest, that was where the tube went into my body. When I had it, I always remembered to remind mom to flush it. I was so careful not to play with it. Mom was so proud of me. Me too :-)

I asked mom why I had to see the monkey room, she said, some kids just needed to go in there, you all liked to go. Actually, the kids had to take turns! I am not sure if that answered my question, but I felt special. I remember there was a little baby boy, he was always visited the Monkey room before me. Each morning, I went in there, they let me press the button so the monkeys would start dancing and making funny noises. I then put my head against mom’s shoulder because I knew I would be taking an nap next. Not sure what happened when I was napping. I need yet to learn the word “Radiation”.

There are pictures in one of our albums, with faces seem so nice and familiar. Mom said they were my nurses at Boston, Rachel, Pat, Kathy. Mom said they all loved me. Rachel said she would take me home and baby sit me. She gave a blanket to me to take into the monkey room each morning. It is a beautiful floral blanket, but I call it the monkey blanket. I also remember Eve, she gave me the little white lamb that can say prayers after I lost the little bear she first gave me.

 Halloween 2006 at MGH, with Rachel

My sister has a book called: “I am going to Boston to visit the Ducks”. I like that book. The ducks look familiar, so is the garden and the place called Boston. You know, we were there for 2 months!

At Boston Science Museum

Once in a while, Mom and Dad take me to the hospital in San Francisco. They tell me I need to take some pictures. I ask them why, they say the doctors just want to check out how I am doing. I really don’t like it, because they put a mask over my face. Last time I tried to hide my face tightly in mom’s cloth, but they still managed to put the mask on me. Oh well… I guess it is just part of life. the good thing is, so far everytime those pictures made mom and dad and the doctors happy! I kept hearing ” the MRI is clear!” whatever does that mean… I guess it is good.

I like the fact that Most people can’t tell what I have gone through just by looking at me.

In about 45 days, I will turn 3. But what I really want to be, is 5! – because by then I will be going to my sister’s school. My mom assured me that I will be 5. She said, I will grow big, grow old.

Halloween 2007

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